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Susan Hellard

Susan Hellard's illustrious career as an illustrator includes a long list of wonderful books for children. She lives in North London where she loves spending time at her allotment and is a keen swimmer in the ladies pond at Highgate.

As a result of her adaptable style and keen observational skills her subjects have spanned; Grumpy Old Women, bored courtly princesses, funny cookbooks for children and babies, fashion-conscious teenage girls, poetry by Pam Ayres, pottery design, cuddly dragons and recently, a regular illustrated column for the Sunday Express.

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Sue's studio walls are covered in pages from fashion magazines to samples of unusual fabrics. The dresses in her recent picture book, Princesses Are Not Quitters (Bloomsbury), would make any fashion designer envious.

Other recent projects include fiction covers and inside illustrations for; the magical Parisian series Madame Pamplemousse and the Enchanted Sweet Shop (Bloomsbury), I was Jane Austen's Best Friend and the forthcoming sequel, Jane Austen Stole My Boyfriend (Macmillan Children's Books).

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