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John Howe

John Howe was born in 1957 in Vancouver and grew up in British Columbia. He studied at the Ecoles des Arts D'écoratifs in Strasbourg and now works as a freelance illustrator from his home in Switzerland.

John is a renowned fantasy artist and worked alongside Alan Lee as a concept artist on Peter Jackson's film trilogies, The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. John has illustrated many J. R. R. Tolkien titles, calendars and board games. His beautiful illustrations have featured on the covers of many other fantasy novels including the Robin Hobb trilogies and classics such as Beowulf.

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John has written and illustrated his own non-fiction title Lost Worlds, a unique volume which draws on a wealth of historical knowledge and research to create a captivating exploration of real and imagined worlds. He has also illustrated books on dragons, drawing and painting techniques and exhibits his original artworks across the globe.

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